Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Why You Cryin'?

Comedian George Lopez does a hysterical routine called "Why You Cryin'?"... and I thought it would be appropriate for this post.

Been listening to a lot of R&B lately 'cause that's what they play in my office. Kinda cool. I like everything but R&B is always in the center of my musical heart.

Singer Anthony Hamilton has a new song out. I'd never heard of him until very recently and when I discovered him, I was in love. His duet with Jill Scott "So In Love" is fantastic and the video is even better!  They look like they're having so much fun! And his other song, "Woo" is also fabulous.  But the one in heavy rotation right now on WBLS is called "Pray for Me". The entire song is about this guy asking God to bring his baby back to him who left because he did something stupid.

 This song irks me. He promises he'll go to church, Jesus will be his best friend, yada, yada, yada... if God brings his baby back.

It reminds me somewhat of Tyrese's latest, "Stay", another song about a guy who fucked up and wants his baby back. That one is even worse because one of the last lines in the song is "What about married life?  You're supposed to be my wife..."  Excuse you?  You screwed up but you're gonna ask ME about 'married' life?

Why don't these men think about the consequences BEFORE they do these things, pray tell?  Yes, that's a rhetorical question.  But here's my view: Don't beg. You messed up, OK. You regret your assholic actions. OK. Tell me you're sorry, explain why you trampled my feelings, promise you'll refrain from repeating such monumentally stupid actions and then work on making things better.

But please stop cryin'.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

What's Next

Starting a new blog is kind of like moving into a new apartment, isn't it?  You have to get a vision of what you want the place to look like. You have to decide what goes where.

First order of business, post a new photo. The one currently displayed is about 2 or 3 years old. I looove that photo. I consider myself the world's most unphotogenic woman and it took roughly 20 attempts to get that picture. And for once, I am NOT using hyperbole! Really, it took that long for me to get a photo I didn't hate. Anyway, my hair no longer looks like that. That's a weave, ya'll. My ongoing battles with my hair which I am calling Lucinda this week (yes, I named my hair. You got a problem with that?) will be chronicled on this blog along with my other stuff... but I'd like to start with a more recent photo. Will tackle this issue later this weekend.

Hello, World. Here's the Intro.

According to The Free Dictionary online, the word "hyperbole" is defined thusly:
A figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect, as in I could sleep for a year or This book weighs a ton

HyperboLEE. It's not a misspelling... it's a great idea suggested to me by my too-cool-for-school favorite daughter (ok, I only have one daughter!)

I'm talkative, expressive, love the English language, and tend to be a bit dramatic in my everyday speech... so my daughter and I were chatting one day and I started going on and on about something in my usual bombastic and colorful language. Sometimes I'm aware I'm a little over the top, but more often I have no idea. Examples, you ask?  I'll often say something like, "I've called the guy 77 times!" I haven't reeeeally called the guy 77 times but I have called him a LOT. I might say, "I worked at KeySpan a million years ago...." Well, come on, it couldn't have been an actual MILLION years ago now, could it?  Anyway, during this particular conversation, I kinda knew I was a little over the top and I laughed and apologized to my daughter, saying, "You know how I tend to express myself. I'm the queen of hyperbole!"  She laughed in response and said, "You know, Mom, since your name is Lee, if you ever start a new blog or website, that's what you should call it: "hyperboLEE".  I chuckled and thought, "What a great idea."

So. Here we are.