Saturday, May 5, 2012

Whose lie is it, anyway?

I've been online for at least fifteen years, probably more and I'm a huge fan of online forums, bulletin boards, Facebook, etc. On or offline, people are people. We live in a society where people move away from friends and family and you don't get to know your neighbors well, especially in a large city. It's lonely. But I have made many friends online some of whom I have become very close to, some of whom know more intimate details about me than my own sisters do. My friendships are important to me. Connecting and sharing with like-minded people is important to me so I will take it anyway that it comes. Recently, someone in one of the groups to which I belong posted a question something along the lines of: "I believe that everyone lies. Agree or disagree?" I vehemently disagreed. I never lie, I said to myself... and then I thought about it. A person who has NEVER shaded the truth would have to be perfect. And none of us is perfect. Whether they are "little white lies" or large, ugly falsehoods, if it's not the truth, it's a lie, right? Upon further reflection I'd have to say, "I have never told a large, ugly falsehood to anyone I cared deeply about." That's the truth.

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