Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lights, CAMERA, and the rest...

After a verrrry long hiatus, I've been trying to get back to making jewelry. Jewelrymaking was my happy place for a long time but life went slightly sideways for a couple of years and I just couldn't get back there.  But I'm back -- sorta.

An essential component of selling jewelry online is taking the perfect picture. Without the right camera and lighting, viewed online, the Hope Diamond just looks like a chunky piece of glass. 

I had an inexpensive Kodak that I LOVED but after dropping it one too many times, the lens came loose. I kept pushing it back into place which worked for awhile but finally, it pushed back. A friend got me a newer version of the Kodak I had but the macro function wasn't quite right. I then made a huge mistake and bought a Canon Powershot SD1200  online. Boys and girls, NEVER buy a camera online unless you are familiar with it first.  The one I bought is too small for my "man hands", has extremely poor battery life, and does not take macro pictures well at all. For those who don't know, "macro" is the function that allows you to take clear, closeup pictures. Without a good macro function, it's difficult to take good photos of the intricate details of jewelry, flowers or anything else small and detailed.  The photos here were taken with my Canon.  The one at the top left is fairly sharp but a bit too dark. The image at the right is fuzzy. Argh.

I need a new camera!  Don't know which one and my budget is VERY limited but I know just where to go to get recommendations. Off to the Etsy forums....

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