Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bumblebee is back!

During the time when my life was going through serious upheaval (now to be known as The Darkest Days), I had to give up my cats. Chloe, who hadn't been with me long, had to go to a no-kill shelter. She was shy and skittish, there was no time to find her a proper home, and it broke my heart, but ... it was what it was. Bumblebee, the cat who owns my heart, went temporarily to my ex. We had adopted him together nearly eight years prior, and he'd been with me through all the ups and downs. My former cat, Max, a beautiful black tabby had gotten very sick and had to be put down a few years earlier. I was crushed. Picture a 50 year old woman standing in the middle of a street in Center City Philadelphia, bawling like a five-year-old. That was me the day I took Max to the vet for the last time. A couple of years later, Abel, my ex, had found Bumblebee in the street near his old apartment. He fed him and his brothers and eventually brought him home. He named the cat Bumblebee because he is a yellow striped tabby and when he was a kitten, Abel thought the stripes made him look like a bumblebee. Yeah, I know. Don't ask.

We cleaned him up, took him to the vet, and then he was ours. Abel and I broke up long ago and since he worked far from home and was only home on weekends through much of our relationship, I got custody of Bumblebee after we split.  But we have remained friends, so during the Darkest Days, knowing how devastated I was at having to give up the cats, he  called and said, "You know I have a crazy schedule. I can't take them both, but I will take Bumblebee and you can have him back when things get better."  So, tearful and heartsick, I packed him up and sent him back to his 'dad'.

And now he's back. He's back. He's BACK!  Bumblebee was always a big cat but now he's even bigger. And he's just as affectionate as ever, following me from room to room, rubbing against me whenever I stand still. I've always called him a dog in a catsuit because he obviously did not get the memo that cats are known to be aloof. Aloof? I've had to gently push him off my lap twice today. My legs are bare and he's so happy to be back, he keeps trying to knead my legs and his nails are killing me. He doesn't like having them clipped but he tolerates it if it's done quickly. Note to self: remember that when he starts giving you the "I want to sit on your lap" look, put on pants FIRST. 

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