Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Cat is in Love with His Cat Brush... and other random thoughts

Bumblebee is crazy mad in love with his cat brush. I mean, seriously. I mean, if he wasn't fixed and the brush was able to copulate, Bumble would be all over it.

It's been pretty warm this summer so Bumblebee is shedding more than normal.  He's a heavy shedder year-round but this is ridiculous. All you need to do is lightly touch this guy and clouds and clouds of white and blond fur lift off into the air, floating across the room like soft tumbleweeds. Looooove this cat to pieces but a blond tabby living in an apartment with navy blue carpet is problematic, particularly when you have no vacuum cleaner.  I miss hardwood floors. Hate carpet but the landlord obviously felt it was cheaper to cover every square inch of the place except the bathroom and kitchen with carpet. I guess I should be grateful that it's navy blue; he could have picked that godawful Pepto-Bismol pink carpet that is standard in many apartments and model homes. Anyway, I sweep the floor every other day or so and roll the  lint brush over his favorite spot (which, of course, is right by the front door. Way to embarrass me, cat), but it's an ongoing battle.  So, when I was visiting my mother last week, she told me I could have her dog's brush because Sam, her Papillon preferred to be combed.
Sam, the Wonder Dog

Went home and immediately tried it out. I'd forgotten how much Bumblebee liked to be brushed. I mean, I thought the cat would die from joy. He sniffed the brush, rubbed his head against it, and each time I stroked him, he turned, walked two steps and turned again, as if to say, "Brush this side now!  Now this side!  Don't forget my head! Oh, I like that spot near my tail! Again! Again!"

I brush him in the kitchen so that I can easily empty the brush into the garbage can and I am always amazed at how much hair comes out of that brush! I generally have to clean it off at least three times before I'm done. When I look in the garbage can, there's enough hair in there to make a new cat.  I might stop by Petland and get Bumblebee some catnip today. Not all cats respond to catnip, but to my blond bombshell, catnip is like Colombian reefer.  Between the catnip and the brushing, I might wind up having to do CPR on him later today.  Ha!

New subject: someone close to me is fighting cancer and his chances are slim. But he made it through a very intensive and difficult surgery yesterday so I've been able to exhale a little. Not saying any more about this. Some things are too personal to share with the bazillions of eyes out here in cyberspace (such conceit! Assuming that bazillions of eyes will be reading THIS blog.)  Just bringing it up this one time because it's contributing to my general good mood this morning.  More: I sold my dining room table and chairs last night -- finally! Lots of inquiries, false starts, some people wanted the chairs only and then changed their minds, some people offered to take the whole set and then didn't show up, yada, yada, but it's DONE. Yay! Haven't figured out what to do with the hundred bucks yet. I need so, so, so many things and my list grows each day. I could use a thousand dollars, let alone a hundred. Life in these United States is a little sucky when you have no credit cards.

Starting over after long term unemployment is no joke!  I need a bed frame, a new mattress, at least one dresser so that I can stop pulling fresh underwear out of a duffle bag each morning, a couch so that I can relax in front of the TV which is sitting on the floor because I need an entertainment center or at least a TV stand, the aforementioned vacuum cleaner... the list goes on and on... and a hundred bucks isn't really going to make a dent.  But I'm so pleased with myself that I finally got that thing sold!  My dining room set was too big for the room and I remembered that I had a foldable heavy-duty table that I bought for craft shows in the bedroom. That table is now occupying the space where the dining room set was, and it makes so much more sense.  It ain't elegant but it WORKS.

And...drumroll, please... I made jewelry over the weekend!  See, the thing is, this is BIG NEWS. I haven't been able to make a thing in over a year and a half. Amazing how depression creeps in and grinds you to a halt, almost without your knowing it. It's insidious and awful ... and I am leaving it behind, walking away with big, giant steps and daring it to follow me.  I read one of those Facebook signs (I think they call them 'memes') that said something like, "When life hands you lemons, spit the seeds out into its eyes". I'm sure I got that wrong but it doesn't matter. I'm digging the concept!  Screw the lemonade! Spit out the seeds!

Of course, I desperately need a better camera in order to take photos of my brand new stuff but I will just have to make do with the old ones for now. One has a better macro feature but the camera is too small and hard to use with my man-hands, and the other camera has a terrible macro feature. Neither one does a great job, but for now they will have to do. I hear it's going to rain this weekend so that might be the perfect time to fool around with the cameras and see what I can come up with. In the meantime, my Etsy shop is on hiatus.... but stay tuned for the imminent return of Five to Nine Design.

Might skip therapy tonight. I'm feeling pretty good!  What will I have to talk about for 50 minutes?


  1. So glad to hear about the surgery. Been afraid to ask.

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  3. Lyn: Yeah, me too! (afraid to ask about the surgery.) So far, so good...